My underarm story and remedy for you

📍Underarm lightening

About 5 years ago was the first time I noticed that my armpit was beginning to accumulate darkened skin and I was worried , I tried several remedies as prescribed by friends and family even those I read on the internet with no visible result.

Eventually I began to find the root cause of it so I can know exactly how to tackle it.

Instead of reading about how to solve the problem ,I began to look for what caused it and I found out the various causes

For many people like me dark underarms can be a source of embarrassment. Darker underarm skin can keep some people from dressing in sleeveless tops, wearing bathing suits in public, and participating in sports.

Like skin blemishes and discoloration on other parts of the body, dark underarms can result in a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

So what did I find ?

📍What causes dark armpits?

There are various potential causes for armpits becoming darker including:

👉🏻deodorants and antiperspirants (chemical irritants)
👉🏻shaving (irritation and abrasion)
👉🏻dead skin cell accumulation (lack of exfoliation)
friction (tight clothes)
👉🏻smoker’s melanosis (hyperpigmentation caused by smoking)
👉🏻hyperpigmentation (increased melanin)
👉🏻acanthosis nigricans (often a sign of diabetes, obesity, or abnormal hormone levels)
👉🏻erythrasma (bacterial infection)
👉🏻melasma (dark patches on skin)
👉🏻Addison’s disease (damaged adrenal gland)

📍Your first step to lighten underarms

The first response to the “how to lighten armpits” question is to address some of the basic causes:

Mine was caused by chemical deodorant/ anti perspirant as I was using a particular brand for over 20 years. First step was to stop 🛑

For you reading, here are my advice

👉🏻Change your brand of deodorant/antiperspirant. Some people switch to a natural alternative. Some people stop using a deodorant altogether which I won’t advice for sake of body odour

👉🏻Stop shaving. Some people select waxing or laser hair removal instead.

👉🏻Exfoliate. Many people use a body scrub or a facial exfoliator two to three times a week.

👉🏻Wear loose-fitting clothes.

👉🏻Stop smoking.

How to lighten underarms naturally

I am so so proud now as I have cracked the code and I have 100% confidence to show my armpit any day any time compared to before 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

I switched  to this amazing deodorant called activelle which is specially formulated for a fairer armpit

I also make sure I exfoliate under the arm twice in a week and I have an amazing result

If you think you need to lighten your underarm skin, then you should get this combo too 💃🏽💃🏽

The one with the pink cover is for armpit fairness and I used it along side with sugar scrub

Sugar scrub : 6490
Activelle: 1,490


If you have up to 10k , you can become our registered customer.

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