Makeup removal tips

 If you wear make often 🤭 I’ve got a few cool tips for you
Not removing your makeup properly can lead to breakouts, puffiness around your eyes and fine lines –

in short: it’s bad for your skin. ❌❌❌

Here’s how to take off your beauty products the correct way, and get a healthier complexion while you’re at it!


Invest in a cleanser that doubles-up as a makeup remover. Then work the cleanser into your skin, massaging off your makeup with your hands or with a muslin cloth. If you’re wearing a lot of makeup you should double-cleanse.

Once will remove the makeup and the second time will clean the skin. Don’t forget to work the product into your neck to get rid of any foundation that’s sitting there.
 You can even incorporate a cleansing device into your makeup removal routine that will catch makeup and dirt that’s sitting deep into your pores.

A cleansing device also has the added benefit of giving you a clearer, more radiant complexion – what’s not to like?

Conclude your cleansing routine with a toner to remove the last residue of makeup – you’ll be able to see if the cotton pad is still collecting makeup or not.
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