8 homemade salt and sugar body scrub

With a few kitchen cupboard ingredients, silky soft skin can be all yours.
Salt and sugar scrubs are one of easiest home treatments that truly deliver. Not only is slathering sugar and oil all over your body wickedly pleasant, but the exfoliating factor leaves skin refreshed, vibrant, and as soft as a certain anatomical part of an infant.
But one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time is this: Why do beauty product companies charge such exorbitant prices for salt and sugar scrubs? It’s mind-boggling. A quick Internet search just turned up six products ranging in price from $31 to $39.99 for, basically, 14 ounces of sea salt or sugar mixed with oil and fragrance. Seriously.
So here’s an idea. Buy an 8.5 pound bag of beautiful all-natural Pacific sea salt from Bob’s Red Mill for $7.55 which will give you enough salt to make almost 11 jars comparable in size to the commercial products. (Bob's packaging size and price may change from time to time, but it's always within that range.) Invest in some oil and essential oils, and bingo. Same deal for sugar scrubs (a two-pound bag of Fair Trade organic sugar can be purchased for $5.59). It’s really just a matter of mixing a few ingredients together in the right proportions. You get to customize your ingredients, be assured that there are no funky synthetic chemicals involved, skip the excess packaging, and have some glowing skin to show for your not-so-much efforts. Here are some formulas to get you started.