How not to have a dull, dry and flaky hair

 Dull Hair?

I’ve got good news for you!

Actually 2 good news 😉

Honey is a Sugar rich ingredient that contains  vitamin, minerals and folic acid. It moisturizes, softens and soothes hair to impart amazing shine.

Milk is rich in moisturizing and conditioning vitamins, minerals and proteins for strong, shiny hair.

Enjoy the luxurious goodness of natural and organically sourced milk and honey to bring the life back to your hair!

It is no news that this green butter and liquid gold called Avocado is about one of the healthiest gift from nature loaded with over 25 vitamins and minerals.
✳ Vitamin E - Great for healthy hair and nails. It helps improve its feel and appearance

💚 Healthy Natural oil and Vitamin B6- Excellent for hydrating your hair and hands keeping them beautiful and shiny

Our hair and nails are both made from the same fibrous structural proteins, Keratin.  So as a bonus to giving you strong and beautiful nails, avocado will also help maintain your glossy and healthy hair.

 What will Avocado do for your hair?
🥑 It will stimulate hair growth and control hair loss
🥑 It will give you a shiny and well nourished hair
🥑 It acts as an excellent conditioner to soften your hair and protect your scalp
Say goodbye to dull, dry and flaky hair

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