Do's and Don'ts of treating our sensitive part

Did you know that most ladies suffer from vaginal itching, dryness, odour and excessive discharge?

All these are caused by a variety of fungal and bateria infections.

But they can easily be remedied by maintaining proper hygiene and PH for the normal bacteria flora of intimate area*Care of the intimate area:*


❌use soaps in washing the intimate area as they are alkaline and too harsh for the delicate skin of vulva.
❌wear synthetic or tight underwear as they do not allow the area to breath, increasing the humidity and temperature of this intimate region which can lead to the proliferation of the harmful fungi and bacteria.
❌use fragrance or perfumes to make your intimate area smell better.
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✔ Shave pubic hair regularly as the hair provides an environment for proliferation of bacteria

✔use a soap-free gentle and natural intimate wash at least once a day with lukewarm water.

✔wipe from front to back to avoid transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vulva and
 Our *Feminelle Special Care Deodorizing Cleansing gel with Deo Complex* delivers an ultra fresh feeling, while effectively preventing the development of unpleasant intimate odours caused by bacteria and limiting harmful bacteria proliferation.

It leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturised.
: 9 out of 10 women confirm that this special product delivers an ultra fresh feeling because it contains:

✔ Natural odour inhibitior to effectively prevent the development of unpleasant odour

✔ Intensively moisturizing Panthenol which leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturised

✔Natural Lactic Acid which helps to maintain the balance of the natural bacteria flora helping to provide better protection *How to use:* Just put a little on your hand while bathing and wash the outer vagina and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

This product is used to wash the vulva (outer area of the vagina not for insertion or douching).

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