What are Serum and what they are used for

🤔🤔🤔 Did you know that your skin requires Oxygen, Water, Nutrients, Protection and cell regeneration to stay healthy just like you do? : Just like you need breakfast and dinner, you skin its own skin food called: *SERUM* *What are serums and why are they important? Serums are skin care products with a high concentration of active ingredients such as antioxidants, acids and vitamins. A serum can really help your skin in the long term to boost collagen and optimal hydration levels. They are lighter in texture than creams so they are able to deliver additional nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. What is the difference between serums and face creams? Day, night cream and serum have a different role to accomplish and by excluding one of them, you are depriving your skin of important benefits they bring. Here are some quick facts to help you distinguish between the three:👉 *What are the benefits of using a serum Serums are formulated to target specific concerns that lay below the epidermis such as pigmentation, age spots and deeper wrinkles. This product is an essential part of an anti-aging skin care program and have excellent clinical studies to prove their effectiveness. • *Serum*- has a lightweight texture to seamlessly absorb in the skin providing it with active ingredients. Serum boosts the performance of Day Cream, but does not replace it. •*Day Cream* – deeply moisturizes and protects your skin during the day. Formulated with UV factors provides protective shield from aging inducing sun radiation. •*Night Cream* - especially for the night, serum is not enough for your skin, it needs a night cream that brings nourishment for the skin that quickly regenerates and renews itself in the night. *How to use a serum?* Apply serum on freshly cleansed face and massage it into the skin of face and neck. This helps to increase blood circulation and the flow of Oxygen to the skin cells, making it look brighter and more radiant. One drop is enough as the formula is very concentrated and spreads easily on the skin. The serum absorbs very quickly so your skin is ready to take on day or night cream depending on time of the day. What Serum is right for me? You choose the right serum based on your skin age, need and type. We have serums that cater for everyone including men. Pump a pea size to your finger tips, warm it up and gently tap around your face and neck avoiding eye area. You can get an oriflame serum from 07084352155 or visit us our Facebook page on jhcosmetics
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