Prevention of vaginal odour

Different factors may be responsible for vaginal odour from menstruation to sweating. As a result, women need a safe feminelle wash to prevent vaginal odour. Some women use soap to wash their vagina. That is bad because the skin around the intimate area is very sensitive. Soap can irritate the vagina and destroy the PH balance.
Vaginal odour can also be a cause of general body odour Keeping your vagina clean is of utmost importance. Improper cleaning will increase your risk of infections.

Common Causes Of Vaginal Odour

  • Sweating
  • Poor hygiene
  • Leaving Tampon in place for several days

Ways to Prevent Vaginal Odour.

  • Exercises like walking and running help to tone up the pelvic floor.
  • Eating a healthy diet as it helps keep the vagina in good health.
  • Washing more than once a day during your period helps to maintain a healthy vagina.
  • Using a good vaginal wash helps to maintain the PH balance

How to select a good and Safe Feminine Wash.

  • It should contain lactic acid. Lactic acid has excellent cleansing properties. It helps maintain the vagina’s PH balance. A balanced PH is important to prevent vaginal odour.
  • It should contain Glycerin because glycerin attracts moisture to the skin. It is important to maintain moisture and hydrate the vagina. A vaginal wash with glycerin is very helpful in dealing with vaginal dryness.
The Oriflame feminelle special care+ deodorizing intimate gel is one of the best feminine washes available.

The intimate wash comes in a 300ml bottle and is in very high demand among women. It is a very good product to use if you are looking to prevent vaginal odour.
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